Saudi Arabia’s Cash Reserves & Equity selling

A significant amount of news was created last month by the release of disaggregated Treasury holdings for the Middle East and especially for Saudi Arabia. The recently returned Brad Setser had some good posts on what new information is contained in the release  and equally important, pointing out the considerable amount of  grey area that still exists (here and here).

What follows, without too many repetitions from the links above, are some supplementary notes, mostly on equities and the currency breakdown & location of the sizeable cash holdings of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA).

Equities & Agencies

The release of the ‘Annual Cross-U.S. Border Portfolio Holdings ‘ by the Treasury last week went almost unnoticed even though it contained the second half of disaggregated data from BBG’s FOIA request. Again, as with the initial Treasury Holdings release around mid-month, there wasn’t too much to be learned from the total holdings, if only because the data is almost a year old by now. Continue reading “Saudi Arabia’s Cash Reserves & Equity selling”

Saudi Arabia’s Cash Reserves & Equity selling